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  • Saudi vessel ignites protests

    Saudi vessel ignites protests0

    The Bahri Abha THE DOCKING of Saudi vessel Bahri Abha at Sagunto port has prompted numerous social and anti-war groups to protest.News was leaked that the Bahri Abha could be carrying weapons, and that at this stop it could even be picking up Spanish weaponry to be used in the wars that the country is

  • Valencia surpasses pollutant particle limits

    Valencia surpasses pollutant particle limits0

    A NEW study shows that Valencia is among numerous Spanish cities whose air has higher levels of fine particulate matter than the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) air quality guidelines.The WHO establishes a limit of 10 micrograms/m3 for PM2.5 fine particulate matter, and a new study published in The New England Journal of Medicine reveals that

  • Convicted terrorists in the UK

    Convicted terrorists in the UK0

    Hillsborough, Co. Down, N. Ireland December 2 Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show, Boris Johnson claimed that another 74 convicted terrorists in the UK had been let out of prison on the early release programme. Is this not liberalism gone absolutely mad? And as if reduced budgets in rehabilitation programmes in UK prisons will help

  • Farage has fluffed his big moment

    Farage has fluffed his big moment0

    Xátiva December 2 Whether or not you agree with Nigel Farage’s views on the UK and Europe, there is no doubt that he elaborates his case with a clarity, coherence and fluency, which the leaders of other political parties glaringly lack. Boris mutters, stutters, falters and prevaricates; Corbyn’s ‘dotty grandad’ act impresses nobody; Jo Swinson’s