• Valencia hospital havoc

    Valencia hospital havoc0

    VALENCIA’S largest hospital is having trouble attending the demand caused by a recent spike in upper respiratory diseases, mainly flu.The emergency room of the city’s La Fe hospital tended to 501 people on the first day of the new year. On January 7 the number increased to 612, but then, on January 12, it reached

  • No longer a laughing stock

    No longer a laughing stock0

    FIGURES show that Castellón airport dealt with more passengers than 15 other Spanish airports.The northern Valencia region airport was always seen as an unnecessary expense, a costly initiative that was destined to cause government coffers to lose money. However, these are happy times for the installations, as 125,448 passengers arrived or departed from Benlloc. By

  • Tavernes townhall gets its first debit card machines

    Tavernes townhall gets its first debit card machines0

    TAXPAYERS in Tavernes de la Valldigna can now use their debit or credit cards in a one-stop-shop at the town hall in a new system that applies to all payments – even enrolling in a council-run course.Until now, residents had to queue up at the helpdesk in the town hall for their bills, settle them