• Paying to receive mail

    Paying to receive mail0

    Hand writing text message on the paper sheet. Working as copywriter or journalist. Creative mind and brainstorm. Flat vector illustration EmailSeptember 21 Dear Editor, I know that the subject of paying to receive mail has been aired and answered previously, but I was under the impression that, because of Brexit, we have to pay to

  • Passing of a great Queen

    Passing of a great Queen0

    Hands typing on vintage typewriter on wooden table. EmailValenciaSeptember 19 By any historical measure, Queen Elizabeth was a great queen. No doubt about that. Even if you are a leftie Republican, you could not help have some pride in your country seeing the perfect pageantry of the funeral. Almost the whole world looked on in

  • Healthcare in Torrevieja

    Healthcare in Torrevieja0

    Writer writing on paper sheet vector illustration, flat cartoon person hands with pen on working table with text, workplace top view, desktop with writing letter, journalist author wokspace EmailLa ZeniaSeptember 17 Dear Editor. I have observed that medical services in the Torrevieja area have been getting a bad press of late. To help address the

  • Plovers return to sand dunes

    Plovers return to sand dunes0

    Kentish plovers have successfully nested at La Mata beach in Torrevieja for the third consecutive year, reported the town hall. The species is one of the most threatened in the Valencia region and is listed as endangered in the national ‘red book of birds’ since 2021. Full report in today’s Costa Blanca News Previous articleMade

  • Made in Alicante

    Made in Alicante0

    Regional president Ximo Puig touted Alicante’s Ciudad de la Luz studios as ‘the most modern in Europe’ as he tried to drum up business from the film industry. Sr Puig was visiting San Sebastián international film festival – and participated in an event to present the ‘new era’ of the Ciudad de la Luz after