• It’s official: Spain-England airbridge begins on July 10

    It’s official: Spain-England airbridge begins on July 100

    At 21.00 UK time on Friday, the government finally gave the list of countries that tourists from England can visit without being subject to quarantine on return – establishing the so-called ‘air bridges’. As expected Spain has been included, although neighbouring Portugal has not.From July 10 passengers from England will no longer have to self-quarantine

  • King and Queen in Benidorm

    King and Queen in Benidorm0

    King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia strolled along Levante beach promenade and waved to tourists (always keeping social distance) during their official visit to Benidorm today (Photo by Irena Bondnarec). The King and Queen held a meeting with local business owners and will this afternoon attend an awards ceremony in Valencia. The visit is part

  • Return to La Rioja

    Return to La Rioja0

    I’ve lost count of the number of wine tastings I’ve presented in restaurants over the years! I’ve really enjoyed them and, judging by comments I’ve received, they go down well with those in attendance, plus the restaurants concerned and the bodegas whose wines we’ve tasted! I’ve worked with these restaurants to help bring in new

  • Grants for buying bikes

    Grants for buying bikes0

    EmailJune30 You reported on a scheme to help Valencia’s residents to get a new bike or scooter on a voucher scheme, cannot find anything further on this please can you let me know more about it. Thanks in advance. Daphne Dear DaphneThe article gave all the specifics including how this was applied (page 13 of

  • Rego-Push device found

    Rego-Push device found0

    EmailJune 27 Regarding Terry Hubble’s letter that he cannot locate a Rego-Push device for fitting gas regulators to cylinders, I have one and I got it from P. Alcaraz e Hijos, SL. On the main road leading into Los Montesinos, Tel 96721330/ 966721600. Cost 21.09 euros. Spanish name is Accesorio Quita Reguladores de Ref 0104218.

  • TUNISIA ELECTIONS (UPDATE, ADDS TEXT) – Tunisians vote for president in run-off between jurist, media tycoon

    TUNISIA ELECTIONS (UPDATE, ADDS TEXT) – Tunisians vote for president in run-off between jurist, media tycoon0

    Ultraconservative jurist and law professor Kais Saied won Sunday’s presidential runoff election in a landslide in the second democratic election since the 2011 end of the dictatorship of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, according to an exit poll. According to the exit poll conducted by Emrhod and made public via the Mosaïque FM media outlet,