• PM Sánchez calls snap general election

    PM Sánchez calls snap general election0

    PM Pedro Sánchez rolled the dice on Monday and called a general election for July 23. The surprise move follows his Socialist party’s (PSOE) poor showing in the regional and local elections on Sunday. Sr Sánchez will be hoping that the fear of a scenario in which the conservative Partido Popular (PP) would need the

  • PP take centre stage in local and regional elections

    PP take centre stage in local and regional elections0

    The Partido Popular (PP) won Sunday’s regional election, bringing the eight-year reign of the leftist coalition in the Valencia government to an end. However, their leader Carlos Mazon would need the support of far-right party Vox to gain an absolute majority in the regional parliament. In the local elections there were wins for the PP

  • Sports drugs trafficking racket taken down

    Sports drugs trafficking racket taken down0

    A criminal organisation which was producing and distributing illegal muscle-building drugs ‘on a large scale’ has been busted by the Guardia Civil and National Police. A Guardia Civil spokesman said they were trafficking in SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators), which are synthetic performance-enhancing drugs that are chemically similar to anabolic steroids. The joint investigation was

  • Airlines


    Writer writing on paper sheet vector illustration, flat cartoon person hands with pen on working table with text, workplace top view, desktop with writing letter, journalist author wokspace May 22Email I have been trying to find a flight back to the UK to visit family and to be honest, I have not noticed it before,

  • Difficulty with official appointments

    Difficulty with official appointments0

    Hands typing on black vintage typewriter, top view, retro toned May 23Email Dear sir, After recently acquiring Spanish nationality and having fun and games with the civil registry staff to get a birth certificate, I now face a nightmare. I have to change my NIE to a DNI everywhere. My accountant has told me to