• Pensioner refused chronic pain medication

    Pensioner refused chronic pain medication0

    Writer writing on paper sheet vector illustration, flat cartoon person hands with pen on working table with text, workplace top view, desktop with writing letter, journalist author wokspace EmailJanuary 11 Further on from your article in last week’s edition of Costa News (2483) ref. chronic prescription, it quoted regional vice-president Monica Oltra “health is a

  • Ramblars waste depot

    Ramblars waste depot0

    Hands typing on black vintage typewriter, top view, retro toned EmailJanuary 10 Dear Sir, For several weeks Jávea has been shrouded in toxic, obnoxious smoke, due to the uncontrolled burning of garden waste. Curiously, we are not allowed to smoke a cigarette on the terrace of a cafe. Is this hypocrisy or what? Yours sincerely,A-M

  • Torrevieja Hospital

    Torrevieja Hospital0

    Hand writing text message on the paper sheet. Working as copywriter or journalist. Creative mind and brainstorm. Flat vector illustration EmailJanuary 9 Dear Sir, I remember reading in your newspaper shortly after the changeover of management from private to state run that everything had gone smoothly. I do not believe that most patients would agree

  • Graffiti in and around Calpe town centre

    Graffiti in and around Calpe town centre0

    Hands typing on vintage typewriter on wooden table. EmailJanuary 7 Dear Sir, Calpe will soon be known as the SKID-ROW coastal town on the Costa Blanca. What is the difference between street art and vandalism? That is the question. Is street art, something that is adorned legally and is generally more difficult artistically and interesting

  • Loan scam gang took victims’ homes

    Loan scam gang took victims’ homes0

    The National Police reported they have arrested seven members of one of the most active criminal gangs specialised in real estate swindles and tax fraud in Alicante province. Full report in Friday’s Costa Blanca News Read more in this week’s print edition or go to e-paper Previous articleMontgó blaze Next articleGraffiti in and around Calpe

  • TUNISIA ELECTIONS (UPDATE, ADDS TEXT) – Tunisians vote for president in run-off between jurist, media tycoon

    TUNISIA ELECTIONS (UPDATE, ADDS TEXT) – Tunisians vote for president in run-off between jurist, media tycoon0

    Ultraconservative jurist and law professor Kais Saied won Sunday’s presidential runoff election in a landslide in the second democratic election since the 2011 end of the dictatorship of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, according to an exit poll. According to the exit poll conducted by Emrhod and made public via the Mosaïque FM media outlet,