• Lemon looters leave fruit haul behind

    Lemon looters leave fruit haul behind0

    A farm worker called the local police when he found people stealing citrus fruits from his place of work in Rojales, the Guardia Civil reported on Saturday. Officers came immediately and the thieves fled but the police did recover the 250 kilos of oranges and lemons that had just been stolen and returned them to

  • Minister backs campaign to turn health area public

    Minister backs campaign to turn health area public0

    National health minister Mónica García is supporting residents who want their local health department to be taken out of private hands and placed back under the control of the regional health service. Only one department is still run by a private contractor in the Valencia region – which is Elche-Crevillente. Sra García met with the

  • Pooling resources for amphibians

    Pooling resources for amphibians0

    A new pond for amphibians has been constructed in La Mata-Torrevieja natural park. It the second such pool to be built in the protected area and stands less than 100 metres from the original structure created in the botanical garden area, between the pine tree picnic area and La Mata cemetery. Full report in Friday’s

  • Fishing for nets to restore the seabed

    Fishing for nets to restore the seabed0

    A massive ‘haul’ of nets, ropes and discarded rubbish has been removed from the seabed in the marine protection zone of the Sierra Helada natural park in waters close to Benidorm island. Detritus from the fishing industry weighing 500 kilos has been extracted by divers working with the regional department for the environment. The action

  • Cars destroyed in port fire

    Cars destroyed in port fire0

    A fierce fire in the car park at Jávea’s port on Saturday left 17 cars incinerated and damaged another 14, according to the town hall. The blaze started at around 13.00 close to the fishermen’s dock. A council spokesperson reported that the area was completely cordoned off by the local police while firefighters from Denia